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Thunderbrawl is a tournament where you design a character and pit him against 31 other fighters drawn by artists of varying caliber. Do you think you have what it takes? Come join in and see how well you do against your fellow artists!
  • Listening to: History of Western Philosophy
  • Reading: TMNT Volume I
  • Watching: Dogfights
  • Playing: Bad Company 2
  • Eating: lamb chops
  • Drinking: fruit punch
Come one, come all. It's time to bash your fellow artist's face in via graphic, violent, over-the-top doodles. I'm hosting the 2nd Thunderbrawl tournament over at It's been 3 years in the making so there is going to be some hungry fighters out there fighting for the championship. If you like drawing, kicking buns, and seeing cool art then join in. I'll post the details at the site in a few days. If you can't join, but know somebody who can send them this way, but hurry! Slots are limited.

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  • Listening to: AC/DC
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  • Watching: Superbowl commercials
  • Playing: Bad Company 2
  • Eating: Left over pizza
  • Drinking: left over beer